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Animal Communication



 How wonderful to be able to hear why Fido always hides his bone in a  certain spot, what  Fluffy's favorite treat is, how Rover is feeling since he started his new arthritis supplements, what job your new horse would like or how a life long old friend feels as their time to leave this earth draws near.  Knowing what our animal friends think and feel about things only makes our bond with them stronger and helps us to provide them with a happier and healthier life.   It is our obligation and priviledge to help our animal friends have the best life no matter what stage they are in.


All I need to talk with your beloved animal friend is a good face shot photo, name, any specifics you'd like to share and a list of questions/concerns/messages you'd like me to pass along.


I offer in-person and distance 1:1 training where the student will learn the basics of inter-species communication and have 10+ animals to practice on.  Small classes also an option.



Corazon always willing to lend an ear!

Slick W. is never shy about speaking his mind

"Shari Koval is amazing and intuitive. Her compassion for animals comes through in every communication and reiki session. I have used her skills many times to connect with my pets, both living and passed. And from these sessions, have gained information that is joyous in the case of those that have passed over, and informative in the case of those that are still with me. I have recommended her services to countless family members and friends. And they, also, have found comfort in what Shari has to relay. What an amazing service she provides."   Michelle W., NY

"Our dog, Allie, at the age of nine years old, came down with a very sudden, unexpected illness, and we had to make the devastating decision to put her to sleep. Losing Allie was unbelievably painful - it felt as though my heart had been shattered into a million pieces. I was not dealing well with the loss, so a family friend asked Shari to contact Allie for me so that I would know that she was okay and still with me.  Shari sent an email with a transcript of her correspondence with Allie, and it was amazing. Throughout the entire reading, I realized that through Shari I had been given a gift; a gift from Allie assuring me that she was always going to be looking out for me and my entire family. She shared with me the essence of Allie's soul - I knew it was her speaking to me, and, although losing her was, and still often is, so painful, I was able to begin the healing process with the peace of knowing that we had made the right decision to allow her to pass, ending her pain and suffering. I will be forever grateful to Shari for sharing her gift with me !"  Deb K. , Ohio

"Shari is a wonderful and  gifted healer.  Her work with animals is incredibly insightful.  I am always amazed at the comfort we can have from animals that have passed. "

Tracy D., NY

"Shari has worked with my 13 year old dog, Slick, for both Reiki healing and pet communication.  Slick has arthritis and has also been losing weight for the past year.  He is an extremely picky eater and had me at a loss as to what to do.  Reiki sessions with Shari have provided relief for him from his arthritis pain as well as a means for me to communicate with him about his food likes and eating habits.  Slick is also a very anxious dog and working with Shari has helped me to understand what he needs from me so that he can relax and be less stressed and anxious.  I have noticed a significant difference in his eating habits and behavior and am very grateful for Shari's work with us !" Ali W., NY

"Shari has a wonderful way with animals. I had a furbaby that had been with me for 16 years. She was afraid to come close to Shari when she came around but loved to be near enough to feel her energy. She talked with her on regular bases as she was a talker and had a lot to say. Sasha always glowed after her encounters with Shari. When the time for Sasha’s to leave we were both scared. Shari talked with me and explained that Sasha was afraid to leave me because I would be sad. Shari assured Sasha and me that life was wonderful on the other side. She took Sasha on a journey and said it was ok to leave. My beautiful furbaby was relaxed enough that she passed a few weeks later knowing she was loved.She has worked with my sister’s furbaby and made great leaps and bounds with him. He was in my sister’s home as foster child. When he was adopted he was so stressed he ran away. My sister got ahold of Shari and they found out where this tiny furbaby was. Between their collaboration he was brought back and decided he would be adopted into my sister’s home. He has opened up and became a happy healthy furbaby now."

Karen C., NY

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