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Tuning Fork Therapy

 Level 6 certified Tuning Fork Therapy® Practitioner

Crystal and Color Therapy using Tuning Forks

Certified Crystal Practitioner and Color Therapy Practitioner 

Every part of us has a perfect frequency at which it resonates .  Tuning Forks can be used to bring proper vibration back to an area that is out of "sync". Tuning Forks are precision instruments with exact frequencies that can be used to address specific issues/ailments. 

 Tuning Fork uses include:

  • Balancing Chakras  

  • Tuning Fork Reflexology and Elemental Balancing

  • Acupressure

  • Meridian and Auric Layer Balancing

  • Auricular Therapy

Every crystal has it's own unique frequency at which it vibrates.  By using crystals in tuning fork therapy and Reiki, we raise the reverberation level of the body to induce a more balanced and calm state.  The use of color will often help to bring back the natural balance to the body.


                                 Body                Mind          Spirit         Emotions

Restful               Green/ Blue        Indigo          Blue            Blue

Stimulating             Red                Yellow          Violet         Orange

Balancing              Green              Green          White          Green




" I then tried Tuning Forks.  I fell in love with them immediately.  Experience ranged from the deep resounding feel in my body to the amazing colors and floatiness.  I was able to relax-experience more than a touch and feel world.  Things felt brighter and more at peace than they ever had.  The quiveriness of my whole as it was being awakened.  I was amazed that Shari could share this with me and other people." Karen C, NY

Tibetan Singing Bowls

The rich blend of harmonic overtones that occur when singing bowls are played produce the sacred sound of "AUM". 

(NOTE: AUM/OM is considered the sound of existence...the natural hum of creation) 

 These sounds and vibrations can be used for:

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Stress Reduction

  • Holistic Healing

  • Reiki




 "Shari introduced me to the Singing Bowls.  Again I was in heaven. Shari knew how to awaken the inner me and able to flush those negative energy out of me.  Things that had been in there for a while; letting go and letting positive energy in was something I thought only happened to others."  Karen C, NY

"I thoroughly love the Tibetan bowls and Reiki sessions to completely relax." Tracy D. , NY

Tuning Fork Reflexology and Elemental Balancing



Reflexology is  based on the principle that there are small and specific areas in the hands and feet that correspond to specific muscle groups or organs of the body.  This modality improves circulation, boosts energy and cleanses the body of toxins.  By using the proper tuning fork associated with specific parts of the anatomy, we are able to balance and bring the body back into proper resonance.  Using Tuning Forks to balance the five elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth helps to restore the flow of life force energy in the body.

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