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Animal Services



Animal Reiki

"Shari has done Reiki and animal communication on many of my dogs for many different things including congestive heart failure, hypothyroidism, end of life issues, emotional issues and general balancing. All my dogs LOVE Shari and seek her out for Reiki, often jostling each other to see who gets to go first. After Reiki, the dogs are relaxed and content."  Karen F. ,  NY

Sweet Keiko F. enjoying some Reiki


Animals - great and small all seem to love Reiki.  It is unconditional love ...just like the love they give us.  It restores their energetic balance to make them happier and healthier.  Most animals relax right into a session while other come and go from the offered energy.  Either way - each animal gets just what they need. 

"I had had a rescued (formerly abused) mustang mare, Pippin, as a part of my family for some years before I found Shari. At first ,she was so terrified that she would distance herself as far away as possible from anyone. Even after the years we'd had her, she remained so afraid of people that it was sad. With Shari's help, she now initiates contact with strangers at times, and her fear level has gone down dramatically. The sweetheart she really is shows much more now! Thanks, Shari !"     Sue P. , PA

"Shari has given my horse both Reiki and Tuning Fork therapy, as well as done some communication. He has reacted well to both therapies, and the communication was very insightful. The most amazing story was around his first Reiki session.  He was loose in a round pen with Shari, and at the time had an itchy rash on his hindquarters. He had been walking around and exploring the round pen keeping not more than an ear on her when he stopped, backed up and put his hindquarters in the space between her hands. This horse is not one to enjoy, never mind ask for, any extra attention to his hindquarters due to extensive diagnostics from a mysterious injury when he was younger. Seeing him not only accept but seek out the healing energy was astonishing. Shari is a gift ! " Erika S., NY

Tuning Fork Therapy

Arie  S. enjoying a "TUNE-UP"




"I first met Shari when I was in NY to visit family. I had my first ever Reiki session and thoroughly enjoyed it. Around this time of meeting Shari, I had been volunteering with a local rescue in NC and decided to “foster” a Rat Terrier named Moe. Tragically Moe spent the first few years of his life in a puppy mill.


When Moe first came to our home he was absolutely terrified, he had zero training, he would cower and had wetting issues that needed some help. I thought with time, patience and love that our family would be able to heal Moe and all of his ailments. But I’m here to tell you that I needed help and in May of 2012, I reached out to Shari with a desperate plea!


After consulting with Shari, we felt Moe would benefit from Communication and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – it is a tapping technique she explained that would be done from a distance using a proxy (usually herself).  Shari confirmed she has had some great luck on animals with different issues. 


Once the secessions began we were working on fear, shyness, anxiety around people and urination in the house. After each secession I could actually see Moe’s demeanor changing! My young boy began living life for the first time ever. He was coming out of his shell, as if seeing the world through new eyes.


I would receive Shari’s communication results with Moe in the mail and on more than one occasion I would sit there and sob. I was so overcome by emotions, the shy boy that first entered our home was growing into an amazing family member and I knew he was never leaving.


Over the years Shari and Moe continued their distance communication and EFT as the benefits were too wonderful for words. I hope that one day soon, as a family we are able to travel back to NY with Moe (and all of our fur babies) so he can personally meet Shari and I can show off my amazing boy!


God created an Angel and named her Shari Koval ! Our family is truly blessed for Shari and her astounding gifts ."  Candi C. , NC

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