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Natural Healthcare for Pets

Certified Natural Healthcare for Pets


Animals can often benefit from a more natural approach to staying healthy. 

Modalities include:

  • Holistic Animal Care

  • Touch modalities - The Tellington TouchTM and Massage

  • Flower Essences for behavioral issues

  • Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine based assessments / holistic remedies

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for behavioral  issues


Corazon waiting for her massage



"Hope was found in an old warehouse being eaten by rats.  She was turned over to a rescue agency where she was fostered for a couple of weeks before we adopted her.  Hope was approx 4 months old when she came to us and still terribly skinny and covered in scars from rat bites. It is truly a miracle that she survived but she has the spirit of a fighter and she knew she landed in a loving home.  Now 6 years later she has earned certificates of achievement in AKC good citizenship, obedience and fly-ball/agility.  Yet the one habit we were not successful in breaking was constant jumping when people came to our house.  When guests came over she would have to go in a crate or upstairs in a bedroom because when a 60 lbs. all muscle dog jumps on you she can hurt you.  Not only was this annoying but it also caused a lot of stress within our household.  I spoke with Shari about this habit and our stress and she offered to come over and meet with Hope.  Hope had a Reiki session with Shari and learned that Hope was all about pleasing and protecting her momma and when I left the house she worried when I would return.  Shari recommended that when I leave that I tell Hope where I am going and when I will be home and to give her a task to do (protect the house).  Shari also made her a special blend of Flower Essence to help ease her anxiety and stress.  After using the Flower Essence blend faithfully for a couple of months, I am happy to say that we are entertaining a lot more and although Hope may jump once in greeting she calms right down and goes to play or sleep.   Shari’s expertise in animal Reiki helped me to understand how important I was to Hope and now that I know this I can help Hope overcome her fear that I would leave her.  Our unending gratitude goes to Shari for bringing back the calmness to our home."  Jen C., NY

A happy and calm Hope C.

"We found out about Riley through friends who said that this 18 month old pure bred Golden Retriever was kept in a crate for 18+ hours a day and had less than a postage stamp size yard to run in.  When we picked him up, he was basically handed over to us with no instructions but we were just happy to get him out of his imprisonment.   At our house he was greeted by our 2 other rescue dogs, both 7 years old, and although they all enjoyed playing Riley was contently panting and wouldn’t leave our side.  When outside, he didn’t leave the front yard, little did he know that he had 20+ acres behind the house and a pond!  After a week of his panting we were beginning to wonder what we had gotten ourselves into.  I called Shari and explained our situation and she came to our house and did a Reiki session with Riley.  She reported that Riley was just eager to please and was worried that we wouldn’t keep him.  She taught us some T Touch techniques and prepared a special blend of flower essence to help ease his anxiety.  Within days we noticed a complete difference in him! The panting stopped, except when he returns from racing around all the acres that he found.  He is happy and playful and oh so calm and happy.  No longer do we wonder what we got ourselves into but instead we wonder how we did we existed without our Riley.  Our many thanks go out to Shari for her patience, guidance and unending love for our pets."  Jen C. , NY

Confident Riley C.

"Shari has also used her natural healing skills to make some blends to help our animals. I am so glad to have Shari as a resource to help my animals."

Karen F., NY

Kurzon, Keiko and Kira F.

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